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Whitney flew halfway across the country to start over, away from the paranormal night human world she grew up in. She was ready to be a normal human; one who didn’t have to worry about drinking blood or all the fighting that went on in that world. And she was pretty close to getting that, at least until she decided to take swim lessons. She was paired with high school hottie Prince Sam, as her friends called him. That one decision changed her life, and she’s quickly thrown right back into the night human world she thought she was getting away from. The only question is: Can she survive going back?


Sam nodded his head toward his father, and Whitney could make out the pathway behind him, which must have been the way out of the private beach they were all at. Smiling, the king nodded back to Sam like he knew that they wanted to leave, yet he still didn’t move from his spot in front of the exit.

“He can be difficult about these things,” Sam complained sourly. Now she saw that while he didn’t get along with his father, there was respect there.

“Can we sneak by him?” Whitney suggested.

Yes, meeting all the sirens was important, but she was exhausted and just wanted to be alone with Sam. There were so many questions she needed to ask and things she wanted to see. So far her trip to the siren island was via being kidnapped and tied to a chair all night. Not the best first impression of her new world. She had a feeling Sam would show her the better parts and not make her regret her decision to stay with him.

Sam grinned. “I like how you think.”

About the Author

B. Kristin McMichael

B. Kristin McMichael

B. Kristin McMichael is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her vampiric "Night Human World" includes the YA coming of age series "The Blue Eyes Trilogy" and the spin-off adventure series "The Day Human Trilogy". She's also the author of the NA time travel romance series "The Chalcedony Chronicles".

For more information on all of her books, visit www.bkristinmcmichael.com

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B. Kristin graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies.

B. Kristin McMichael lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.