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Scales and Legends

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War is coming, and the siren are preparing. Whitney has been through night human wars before, yet she’s nowhere near ready to deal with this one. The siren quickly have to depend solely on their newest member, her. It’s up to Whitney to find a way to help everyone, and with her limited options, she plans to do the best she can. Now if she can just convince all the players she needs to help, maybe they will stand a chance of surviving.


Standing on the pier, Sam watched while Whitney moved out of the way and a fish darted past her. She was a bright student and caught on quickly. If she was allowed to join the guard like she wanted, she would have been one of the top people in the group by now. But all she was allowed to do was train. She had a new role to play, just like him, and being part of the guard wasn’t it. He was fine with the idea that she would never have to go on patrols. She would learn how to protect herself and not be put in danger when assigned protection duty in the waters around the island. Really, he could live with that, and it was even better that his father suggested it as Sam didn’t have to take the blame for holding her back, even if he agreed.

“See? I knew if you explained the trick to that one to her, she’d be fine,” Sam’s older brother, Nic, said as he watched beside Sam. He was the one officially training Whitney as Sam was busy with his father now.

“I didn’t tell her,” Sam replied as he watched her move out of the way of the second fish. Just yesterday it would have at least nicked her arm. She’d figured it out herself, and he wasn’t about to take credit for it.

Nic returned his gaze to the water also as they continued to watch. Ducking and dodging at just the right time came naturally for the new siren. It had only been a few months since she’d been turned, but she was perfect in the water, a complete natural. He had a feeling her background as a night human might have helped her change progress, but then again it could have just been because she was who she was. Nothing seemed to stop Whitney when she put her mind to it. Whitney had made it through all the obstacles and was already on her way to ding the bell.

“Man, that took you years to figure out, and she did it in one week. Are you sure you’re higher up than her?” Nic teased. “I think your mate has you beat.”

No one knew that Whitney was a stronger siren than Sam, or the king for that matter. They had kept it a secret, and he made sure she had complete control before she began working with Nic. No one was going to find out where she ranked now. Sam had a feeling his father suspected something after the fight on the island, but she’d played the part of a subordinate since they’d come back to the island and no one could prove otherwise.

About the Author

B. Kristin McMichael

B. Kristin McMichael

B. Kristin McMichael is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her vampiric "Night Human World" includes the YA coming of age series "The Blue Eyes Trilogy" and the spin-off adventure series "The Day Human Trilogy". She's also the author of the NA time travel romance series "The Chalcedony Chronicles".

For more information on all of her books, visit www.bkristinmcmichael.com

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B. Kristin graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies.

B. Kristin McMichael lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.